Services & Treatment

Our treatment programs are based around the AquaTred, and are fully customizable by services as well as duration. Each treatment is based on the horse's individual needs as well as the owner's budget. We realize each horse is unique and work with the owner and Veterinarian to provide the best possible treatment for each horse.

All horses that go through our treatment programs have the ability to be turned out in the riding arena daily, while being monitored. This allows them to self-exercise, roll, and spend more time out of their stall, which we feel is important. We also offer hand walking if necessary.  

In most cases we recommend starting with a two-week program. This protocol allows us to utilize the AquaTred 10 times during the stay, while still allowing adequate rest and recovery time in a 5:2 schedule (i.e. 5 days on and 2 days off). In some rehabilitation cases the duration may be much longer, while a program customized to aid in maintaining condition can be shorter.

We firmly believe every horse can benefit in some way from our treatment programs. Please give us a call to discuss treatment options and receive a quote.


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