The AquaTred is combination of treadmill and whirlpool with temperature controlled water and Jacuzzi jets. It provides a safe and proven way to condition or rehabilitate your horse.

Combining a treadmill with hydrotherapy utilizes both resistance and buoyancy to encourage an intense cardiovascular workout, allowing the lungs and heart to reach maximum capacity, while maintaining less strain on joints, tendons, and ligaments. The AquaTred allows the ability to adjust water depth, adding or decreasing buoyancy depending on the horse's individual needs.

The AquaTred provides an exercise in a controlled environment using the horse's natural gait, while allowing them to stay in contact with a solid surface beneath them. This allows them to work the same muscles, ligaments, and tendons they would in conventional training, while still providing sufficient concussion to promote bone density and muscle development.

The Jacuzzi jets paired with temperature controlled water provide a therapeutic effect the horses really enjoy.


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